Top 10 Tips For Finding The Right Retirement Community For Your Parents


This is simply the smart thing to do. After all, they will be the ones who will stay there, not you. Ask them what they want, what their expectations are, and what they are looking for. Visit to see what some communities offer. Determine your budget. Retirement communities can be quite expensive. Even if your parents have stored away some funds for their retirement, you will still have to consider future expenses (e.g. medication, healthcare services, etc.). Setting a budget will help narrow down your search and prevent you from getting overwhelmed with choices. Consider the climate. You have to remember that as people advance in age, they become more sensitive to extreme weather. Preferably, you should select a community located in a place where the weather is mild and temperate virtually all year round. California is one example, which is why a lot of folks retire there. Check the financial health of the community. You wouldnt want to entrust your parents to a facility where they are barely making ends meet, or worse. A retirement community in bad financial shape may fail to provide the needs of its residents. Whats worse, you might end up having to relocate your folks to another retirement community and starting the process all over again. Check the size of the community. Some elderlies want a good-sized community while others want a small one with just a few residents. Your choice will mainly depend on the type of personality your parents have. Again, ask them about their preferences to narrow down your search. While taking a tour of the facility, make sure to check accessibility and safety features. The community must be designed to accommodate the declining physical abilities of their residents. It must have senior-friendly features such as wheelchair lanes and wall grips. And of course, it goes without saying that you should look for safety features such as well-lit spaces, wide walkways, rugs and carpeting that are nailed to the floor to prevent slippage, etc. Make sure they have services to care for your parents needs. The facility should have caretakers and medical personnel ready to attend to your parents needs 24/7, especially if they have known ailments. You can ask the staff if you can bring in your parents personal aide, or if they can provide you with one who can specifically attend to your parents. It all depends on how much assistance and attention your folks need. The amenities should match your parents interests. Different communities feature different amenities, ranging from libraries to gyms. Ideally, the retirement community of choice should have facilities that your parents will enjoy and make use of. Check out what recreational facilities and activities each one offers and consult with your folks to see which one suits them most. Let your folks get a feel of the community first. It will be a great idea if you will let them see the community first before you even consider sending them in. You may show and explain to them what their potential future home has to offer, but its much better if they can see it up close and personal for themselves. After all, they should know best which community they will thrive in best. Involve your parents in the final decision-making process. Again, they will be the ones staying there, not you. Sure, you will be there with them during the entire search process, but it is best if theyll have the final say where they want to stay.